“We are an English speaking church connecting the Osan AB/ Camp Humphreys community with a missional Christian Family.”

“To reach men and women for Christ and be a birth place for diverse and far-reaching ministries.”
Core Values
Prayer-  Prayer is the key that ensures that we are following the direction and move that God has for us.  Prayer will be a part of our weekly printed schedule and will not be taken off of our schedule or printed schedules.
Worship-  While we recognize that worship incorporates many forms and styles we must stay connected to the one we are working for.  Whether it be singing, praying, prayer, tithing, or bible reading, we want to consistently emphasize the need for worshipping God.
Evangelism and Discipleship-  You cannot reach people who do not know the Lord if you are not evangelistic.  This means that you must go out and talk to people about the Lord.  It is recognized that this may involve just inviting them to church or developing a relationship with others and showing them Christ but we must actively and intentionally be talking to people about the Lord.
Diversity of Ministry-   If we are going to be a place where far-reaching ministries are birthed we have to allow for people to use ministries that they feel called to.  We have to allow people to develop and grow.  For those who feel led to pastor a congregation there has to be a forum to allow them to speak to a group of people.  For those who feel called to children’s ministry we have to allow that also.  We also have to be sensitive to the fact that ministries are changing.  Ways of reaching our world is changing to with social media, multi-media, and other methods that have not been used before.  No matter their race, sex, rank, or if they are married or not, we want them to have a place to serve and grow. 

Serving our Community-   We know that there must be an outward vision of the needs in our local area if we are going to remain effective.  The needs may be for food, shelter, or other items.